Friday, August 03, 2007


too tired to elucidate. so im taking the easy way out.

malleswaram. confusion. hopes. mg road. vivek nagar. drive. traffic. resource. jayadev. chicku. meeting everyone. reena. sunita. drive. triton. ditch. more traffic. saatchi. shenoy. good. confident. cut throat. drive. park. walk. heat. drizzle. hunger. xerox. meridien. creative directorS. payslip. dums. cigarette butt. drive. lots more traffic. hunger. thirst. tired. confused. akshay. thinking. tears. heat. hassled. stressed for no reason. too much thinking. koramangala. plenty more traffic. park. walk. lazeez. chicken roll. "brew haha". alone. weird couple. mocha frappe. walk some more. white canvas. another good interview. more thinking. thank you. see you on monday. walk. drive. rediff. waiting around. arrogance. useless meeting. diss. cheap. throw away. dejected. walk. drive. gym like a maniac. hot. shower. chill. dinner. drive. fun. coffee. pj. ugliest woman on earth. worst hair on earth. laugh. laugh. laugh. drive home. music. joe crocker. nickelback. nitin sawhney. rhcp. david gray.

the calm after the crazy din. always made crazier by me and my head and the things it thinks up.

5 interviews. positive responses. some not even worth remembering. 1 offer. still waiting..

its been one crazy week. unnecessarily emotional and dramatic in my head. more so the last 3 days. driven all over this friggin town through bitching traffic, meeting weird random people, telling them my dreams, getting advice, feeling shitty, feeling inadequate, stepping up, thinking about what i want, counting on the gut feelings.. i feel like SO MUCH has happened in such a short time. and at times it felt like too much to undertake and pull off.

but im going to sleep one satisfied soul tonight. so id say it was worth it.

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akshay said...

keep the faith. and it's joe cocker, no R.