Saturday, July 22, 2006

shitty day

im disillusioned. im angry. im enraged. im irritated. im depressed. im pissed off. im sad. im disappointed. im surprised. im wiser..

iv learnt that some of the sheen is not real. that it wears off. that if somethings feel too good to be true, they probably ARE. that the silver lining wears thin and sometimes the ugliness is impossible to escape. that no matter how much you try and be honest and pure, no organisation no matter how simple and unstratified, can escape subtle power games and underlying ego clashes. its disgusting. humans are such a fucked up bunch. the mind makes people do such strange things.

to cut a not-so-long, but emotional story short, iv had a long and tiring but very educative day at work. long and tiring thanks to the unreal deadlines we're trying to meet. and educative because iv learnt what people are capable of. im naive and underhanded dirty politics take me completely by surprise. and i get emotional and lose sight of what i should be doing. i hate 2-faced people. i hate people who get credit for whats not their doing. i hate people getting away with murder. i hate not being able to do anything about it.

but i want to be positive. i want to learn to take it as it comes, and be a spectator rather than participant. and i want to give it to him up the ass for being a bastard.

the "boss" is like a dirty diaper. on my ass, and full of shit. i say boss in quotes because he isnt really. he's not the boss, im squirming to even call him that - to give him that importance. he's just trying really hard to be full of shit. someone SLAP him for me. his only saving grace was that he played floyd really loud today. brrreeeeeeaathe and shine on and the works, which i havent heard in forever. one tiny pat on the back for that, mr. shitty diaper.

ps: tomorrow is the first sunday im going to be working. but after work i will treat myself to some beer i think.


Manu said...

boss aa GOSS aa

haathi said...

koos makes it alright again dah.

Dr. Pissed said...

Bosses are meant to be shitty. Else they wouldnt be bosses, I say.

In any case, you cant help but believe me when I say this, but this industry is filled with thieves. The weekender ad was mine, didnt come out half the way I wanted to film it. God damm Nexus.

And you cant help but work on Sundays. Its just a norm. I took 4 holidays in 1 year, not including Christmas and the other festivities.

Heh, all I can say though is PAAPA!

haathi said...

dp: HAHA thanks! that helps!! im sitting here at office while these illustrator/corel draw fellow figure out their shit..and all im here to do apparetly, is indicate what goes where.. and i havent done anything yet..been here 3 hours alread.

i will stop complaining. this is part of the job. much like the shitty boss angle. and if i may say so, its interesting in a weird sort of way.

which weekender ad btw?

Paritosh@Blogterminus said...

Hi Revati,

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- Paritosh

akshay said...

kill em all.

Ajeya said...

too much in the show window, too little in the stockroom. some of us become like that. hope you get get mr.shitty diaper of your back... side (might as well put the whole thing in context :) ) real quick! cheers!

Manu said...

goss followed my moss