Friday, July 21, 2006

random update

results are out. i got a decent 73. its a lot more than i could ask for, given my prep. and anyway i dont give, so its all cool. i wish i could say im happy for me. but i dont think i am. fact is, exams and college seem like such a faraway thing of the past..i feel so disconnected from the past, that finding out marks has no effect on me. not an immediate effect atleast. ho humm..sigh.

its nice to have someone to put you back on track and open your eyes to what you have, when you're down and out. someone to remind me what im worth. someone to tell me its okay.

its not nice to have your calls go unanswered. 13 times. and thats counting 8 times hutch fucked up and i didnt get through.

its nice to eat chinese food. its not nice to get fat. its not nice to stop working out.

its nice to get appreciated for what you're good at. its not nice to feel inadequate.

its nice to get in bed when you're all tired and sleepy. its not nice to feel weird and unsettled.

but id rather focus on the nice.


Manu said...

hai sexy

akshay said...

it's nice to have you around.