Saturday, July 29, 2006

all aloof

someone teach me how to be aloof. please. seriously, i want to learn how to cut everything out, and beam myself onto my own private planet. and be idontgiveafuckaboutanything-ish.

i try and i try and i cant. it just doesnt fit who i am. but i want to be able to do it. for certain times. when im driving myself over the edge being the opposite of aloof and getting nothing in response. this probably makes no sense to anyone..but i need to learn to cut the world out and be aloof.

anyone know how??

also, check out this site: its a blogmagazine of sorts.

in other news, im loving every bit of life. other than the trying to be aloof bits. no really, its like a whole new world has opened itself out on me and i want to drench myself in the sunshine. the warmth it all is overwhelming and i want to just soak it all in. let me be.

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