Thursday, July 20, 2006

i live to eat. and now im fat.

wanlee is a little more than a hole in the wall.

its not exactly fine-dining, but it isnt too down market either. the food makes up for everything else. by everything else i mean the dirty, stained table cloths, the crummy floors, the dim lights, the noisy atmosphere etc...somehow if the food satisfies the palate, one tends to put up with almost anything else. i mean the kitchen operates out of a small room behind the restaurant and the their windows are always open for anyone passing by, to see. of course its also an open window for anyTHING passing by to fall in. but whatever..the fried rice and chilly chicken and schezuan chicken and pepsi taste as good as i like it to taste, and that in itself is a delight. its more chinese than rice bowl is. and rice bowl used to be a majorly serious haunt. (midnight cravings and all) and its clean enough to eat and not wonder if you'll live to see the next morning.

the other good bit is, they play good rock. i mean led zepp and bon jovi and guns n roses and i think iv also heard floyd there.

the best part of course is, 2 fried rices that 2 people cant finish by themselves, 2 chicken dishes for under 200 bucks. now all you people who say go to little chef on church street and some holier hole in the wall in shivajinagar or city market, please note: im still alive after eating this food 2 nights in a row.

now to get on that fruit diet.


akshay said...

ah yes wanley, yes we like wanley. :P

Quietly Amused said...

where in bangalore is this?

haathi said...

joshi: its WAN [space] LEY dah!

quietly: its off 100 ft rd, indranagar. its a hole, let me warn you.

Mr. D said...

wan lee, doctor... next to hema stores... but you went there and didn't have the roast pork???? tch.

Quietly Amused said...

make that three nights and you're still alive. I'm impressed. cast iron stomach or the cook's been washing his hands more often than he normally does. can I be stupid and ask where is hema stores?

haathi said...

joshimam: i stand corrected. its wanlee. i checked today.

d: i steer clear of pork, as much as i can. im paranoid. tapeworms.

quietly: hema stores is next to wanlee.