Friday, July 30, 2010

some order in bloggerville

every now and then google does comes up with something useful and truly intuitive. like the search button. like labels to sort your mail. and like google reader. iv recently discovered the joys of google reader. or perhaps i should rephrase, the obsessed-with-organizing-things-monica-gellar side of me has discovered the joys of google reader. and that has made all the difference.

until now, i never really knew what "following" a blog meant. i didnt know what it did. i would sometimes randomly click the follow button, wondering what the implications of what i had just done would be. i never discovered. because everyday, i would haphazardly go through the list of blogs i regularly read. or follow, so to speak. sometimes id remember them all. sometimes id forget and skip a few. sometimes id remember some arbit blog id have forgotten to check in forever and ever. and feel altogether disorganized!

one fine day, out of the blue, i stumbled on google reader and it has since revolutionized my daily journey into bloggerville. neatly tabulating the blogs that i follow and subscribe to, google reader keeps track of the updates as and when they happen, alerting me in much the same way a new unread email does. JOY!

so now, when i open google reader every morning, its as if a world of unread blog posts are waiting just for me to enter the world of bloggerville and explore them. to make things even better iv become a complete foodie and follow about a dozen food blogs. a morning run through some of them is just what i need to start my day off right.

bloggerville. food. neatly organized bloggerville with lots of food.
thats close to perfect.


Aparna Radhakrishnan said... do not ned google reader for that...since you are a blogger at, you can find all the updates in your Blogger Dashboard as a Reading List tabbed "Blogs I'm Following"...

hAAthi said...

but its not half as well-organized or fun as reader!