Monday, July 05, 2010

home again

the husband and i have just come back after 3 days spent back home in bangalore. a jam packed 3 days for me, between sharing time across both homes and both sets of parents, meeting the one friend i cant NOT meet, eating all the different things i could squeeze into the three days and enjoying feeling at home. it was fun.

i usually hate the feeling i get when holidays end. and usually, i hate coming back to an empty home and doing things like unpacking, laundry, stocking up the house with essentials, blahblahblah..

but we've returned today -- the ominous bharat bandh looms large. the store across the road refused to give me milk, bread..nothing. to make things worse, my maid ditched me. no public transport to get her here i suppose. oh, and its also pouring cats and dogs.

no food at home. no take out. no delivery. no groceries. no maid. no sunshine. strangely though, i feel good! its a perfect day for chai and biscuits, lots of catching up on tv shows and some peace and quiet to catch up on work. yes, in that very order of priority.

today, i realized that only few things come close to the feeling of coming back to ones own home :)


Aparna Radhakrishnan said...

Good to know you are safe your home sweet home but sad to hear that all you can have is chai and biscuits!

hAAthi said...

:) chai and biscuits made for perfect snacks for the weather. incessant rains!

The (un)Common Woman said...

So very true.... :)