Tuesday, July 06, 2010

no trip to bangalore is complete without:

- overdosing on food. sometimes to the point where your stomach revolts and refuses to do what it should do
- free hugs from me momma
- a drink or two with the dadda
- extra special home cooked food
- a meal at a restaurant with the in-laws. its usually a buffet
- feeling torn between both homes and not knowing which way to give in
- a faff session at koshys with the one and only faffer: james
- conversations over iced teas, chicken sandwiches, bombay toasts and lots of laughter to go with it
- trying desperately to hail an auto to destination A, and failing miserably
- enduring the miserable traffic, unruly people on the roads and feeling utterly depressed at how things have spiralled out of control
- cursing the city, its appalling public transport and the monopoly the auto drivers enjoy
- feeling sort of overwhelmed at just how much this city i call home has changed
- an odd meal at my mums where an assortment of random favorites are made, upon my request. all replete with a special ingredient called "shanta auntys love"
- a visit to ctr to have a ghee drenched dosa. or maybe 2. and filter coffee of course
- bumping into at least half a dozen people i know from some point in my life, and often feeling like i know way too many people in bangalore
- a night spent in my former room at the parents' home
- feeling like i ought to stay a day or two longer
- returning with a happy heart, a satiated palate, a few extra pounds
- going back with bags that are bigger and heavier than the ones we came with


Aparna Radhakrishnan said...

Looks like you really enjoyed B'lore for all its worth... ;)

♦ Crazy Diamond ♦ said...

wow, sounds good. specially "a night spent in my former room at the parents' home" .. how many years has it been since you're married?

and buffets are the best!!

specially the dessert section ;)

hAAthi said...

aparna: i did :P

CD: i can never do justice to a complete buffet :S

and iv been married for a little less than 2 years..

Bhavna Shankar said...

:D me going back to all this in 2 days :D

akshay said...

fuckerr. no intention of ever meeting me again or what?

apropos bufetts, now neither can i. :(

hAAthi said...

beepee: oh awesome! nothing like going back to mommys!

aj: theres only so much i can do in 3 days da!

akshay said...

thbbpth. u didnt even see me before u go(a)'d off.