Thursday, July 29, 2010

on compromise

is compromise an integral part of every serious long term relationship?
if so, how much compromise is too much compromise?
what happens if compromise is the basis of the relationship?
and what happens if one party is quite happy compromising?
can a relationship function without either/both parties having to compromise something or the other?
if so, who should be the one to compromise?
given that compromise is required, is there a way to make the process of compromising painless and regret-free?
is compromise always a bad thing?


in my limited experience, there is good compromise and bad compromise. good compromise is the kind that happens without too much thinking, is painless and never leaves you feeling a sense of regret at having to give up/lose/choose something. bad compromise is the kind that forces you to make a choice.

good compromise is the kind of compromise that sort of makes itself happen unknowingly, while a bad compromise will beat you till you do something your heart doesnt really desire.

good compromise leads to some kind of happiness. peace after making a decision. the calm that you can experience at having answered a question and never having to look back on it. bad compromise never lets you forget that you did something you didnt really want to do.

is it hard to differentiate the two, when making a compromise? hell YEAH. but i honestly think compromise is a part of life. nobody escapes it. its a part of having to live in society, and being a part of a larger circle of beings. the ones who claim theyre free and will never compromise on anything are honestly deluding themselves. theyre the kinds that start should thinking about buying themselves their corner of the moon, where they can exist free of human contact, bondage, relationships and yes, compromise.

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