Tuesday, March 02, 2010

top 5 reasons why i cant wait to be with the husband again

- im tired of sleeping with the light on to combat my sudden and gripping fear of the dark
- im bored of enjoying the everyday little things that i know he is deprived of..like, filter coffee, a crisp dosa, hot food, home cooked dinner
- i have a list of movies that i want us to watch together and im running out of time
- i want to hear about how his day at the new job was face-to-face for a change
- i think goa is a pretty damn neat place to start a change of scene for ourselves

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VC said...

Awwww crisp dosa with authentic south indian filter coffeee... :( i miss it

nakedswaMi said...

dude get over it daa now.. pleasee its become very hard for me to deal with the face that im in the worst month of the year and your going to be in goesh chilling!!!
yaya i KNOW its your NEW home buggerrr just you please get over it..

haathi said...

DUUUDE shutterface daaaa..im not going to get over it. EVER. so just deal with it. and that is best done by getting your kind kundi to goa. understood aa? haan? aahhookkayythen.