Wednesday, March 24, 2010

one stop closer to calling goa home

i found a nice parlour. and thats SUCH essential part of making a new city my home.

so neomi's is just a 5 minute walk from my home. its a sweaty walk in the heat, so id rather tell you its a 2 minute drive away from home. which is so nice. there seems to always be parking available right outside the parlour.

AND, its clean, air conditioned..and get this..for all that and more, its cheaper than my bangalore parlour!

whats even nicer is the many things that make this place so much nicer than christina in bangalore. which frankly had become just a habit rather than a place i liked to go to. the girls at neomi's who wax and thread and mani and pedi you are all dressed in crisp uniforms, aprons and shoes. the rooms are not stuffy and they're brightly lit! and whats EVEN BETTER is the girls dont yak away in ching-chong language, and dont make you wonder if theyre bitching about you. theyre polite, nice, professional and so considerate!

so, i now have me a parlour in goa too..and im one step closer to calling goa, home.