Thursday, March 04, 2010

notice period blues part 2

for days i have been timing my work, finishing it off as soon as i can, and running off at the dot of 5. sometimes 6, but on the dot none the less.

today is my last working day. and for some reason, i just dont want to leave.

i will miss this place. the smiles. the people. the work. my manager. my team. my creatives. the challenges. the successes. the pitfalls. the coffee. the chai. the burgers. the bay. the lunches. the laughter. the tears. the angst..everything.

im just grateful i got this opportunity while i did.

goodbye gss.


Sindhu said...

Every morning as I'm going to come in, and see your seat empty, it's gonna tear up my heart. Life is not going to be the same without you at GSS, that's for sure. It feels like a chunk of the laughter is just gonna die away from our lives. (I'm also getting this crazy sense of possessivness. I don't want anyone coming and sitting down on your seat, using your desk... I know it's crazy.. but then that's just me!). :(

haathi said...

like arnold said...'il be back"...tindooooo il miss you!