Thursday, March 04, 2010

moving lock stock and barrel...

...except, in my case its clothes, shoes and a ton of JUNK.

when the husband packed up and moved 3 weeks ago, he has 2 suitcases with clothes, one big duffel bag with some more clothes, and another big duffel bag with shoes.

i laughed at the AMOUNT of luggage he had.

today i began packing. and im ashamed. because im going to have what seems like 278346278364 clothes, 14 pais of footwear, and TONS of junk. and that includes random pieces of paper, memories, pictures, cds, books, bills, diaries, journals, postcards...basically things i have never gotten down to organizing and stashing away neatly.

hohumsign.. i wonder what the husband is going to have to say about this..

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