Saturday, March 06, 2010

all my bags are packed, im ready to go...

so its finally done. i never thought id squeeze all my precious belongings into 3 cartons. but i did. and im ready to go..well almost.

yet to do..
- pack essential jewelry
- get eyes checked
- deposit money
- change watch strap
- give gifts to shanta aunty and family
- dinner with amma and ammama
- get some sleep

in goa, i will..
- get back to a fufilling routine
- exercise everyday -- pilates and a good long run
- cook and explore the domestic side of me
- NOT hoard unnecessary clutter, no matter how much sentimental value something might threaten to emotionally entangle me with!
- paint and rediscover water colors
- explore easy, cheap, DIY furniture options
- try my best live an easy, simple, uncomplicated and hassle free life

and i know some people are seriously thinking "getoverthegoatrip"..but i refuse to.
heres to the move, and everything it means to me..

1 comment:

nakedswaMi said...

:D.. this is soo sooo awesome! i cant wait to come be a part of this expereance!
love you 2 !