Friday, March 19, 2010

the best things about the new life

...the newness of it all
...the lazy space that it gives me
...the beach thats just 5 minutes away
...the liberty to wear all the skirts, shorts and all the other clothes i had stashed away in a dark nook in my cupboard for so long now
...the fact that everything is a short drive away
...the opportunity to slow down and learn that nothing comes instantly, and most things take time
...the freedom, happiness and contentment

on the downside...
- when im not being busy loving the points stated above, and im bored, i have no company
- when im feeling depressed and sulky, its really lonely
- we still dont have furniture and thats turning out to be a frustrating ride
- the incessant craving for friends i know.. friends from bangalore + life in goa would have been just AWESOME!

1 comment:

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