Monday, April 06, 2009

when you dont go, when you really need to go

it takes a grand total of 99 steps to get to the loo from my desk. and anything between 80-90 when i REALLY need to go. it makes for a rather tantalizingly long walk, as i trudge along on the brink of embarrassing myself with a pee-incident.

needless to say of course, the walk back is pleasant, with me feeling lighter than before.

this inconvenient distance is affecting my wellbeing.

time to think about a portable loo.


prateek james said...




this by far has been your best entry da :)

haathi said...

hahahhahahahahahha thats cos its about susu. the day i put kakoos blog you'll say THAT is my best entry.

akshay said...

hahaha. thats a good one. do you do an embarassing hoppittyskippittyjumpitty to the loo, and saunter back with a beatific expression?

haathi said...

no i do a weird knee-bouncing-uncontrollably kind of move, sitting in my chair, which is when i realise i really SHOULD go. and then i take quick strides loo-wards.