Monday, April 27, 2009

the need to beat the heat

the heat is killing me. i cant decide what i hate more. consistently blistering heat, or weather that fluctuates between the horrible heat and the naggling drizzle. sometimes even when im indoors (in the office) i feel like the heat is oppressive. sometimes it burns my eyes. sometimes its so hassling, it makes my brain want to shut down.

iv been dying to go swimming ever since the heat kicked in. but it hasnt happened, and im extremely sad about it. first, i cant seem to find the right time to go. second, iv heard the club has become extremely icky and i havent felt tempted to go THERE. we could go to priyas to swim, but everytime we make plans and i manage to get out of work in time, it starts frigging raining.

i dont know if its the heat thats contributing to my general blimp-like feeling..but despite hitting the gym 2 weeks ago and feeling rather happy about the consistency with which iv been dragging myself out of bed at 6 every morning, i STILL feel blimp-like. and thats altogether very uncomfortable.

in less than 2 weeks, i will find myself on a HOT beach. i mean HOT. because like genuises, we've decided to go to the hottest coast in india, in the peak of summer. all my planning and effort eventually went down the drain. and all efforts to avoid the heat are now pointless. because we're going at EXACTLY the time i didnt want to go! but im not complaining. im merely stating the irony.

but im MASSIVELY looking forward to the getaway. despite the heat. we will tackle that issue with some serious lack of clothing. and i plan to do nothing but sit under an umbrella. and not move, except to dip in the sea, get the next beer, stuff my face with some new food, go shower at sundown and head to some nice beachy club. where we will beat the heat some more.

speaking of beating the heat, iv heard that you get some really cool dresses (im talking happy, bright, summery dresses!) in delhi. in one of the gazillion "markets" in the city. i wannnnt! i wish we had a gk1 m block market here.

even though iv had some coke, fruit cake AND ice cream, on account of someones birthday in the office, IM STILL FEELING HOT.

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akshay said...

ha i'm going to pondy...

cake, icecream, coke, beer, new food... no wonder you feel like a blimp.

priya has a pool?