Tuesday, April 07, 2009

PO today

Pissed Off, that is.
first the auto driver fleeced me on the way to work.
the admin head picked a nonsense fight with me.
this chic in gurgaon i work with has no brains.
she has no patience either.
she thinks shes the only client i have, and the only person whos orders i have to cater to.
basically she thinks im at her beck and call.
the net is acting up every now and then.
my work is stalling because of brainless gurgaon chic.
my boss is in an all day training so i have no one to give me a second opinion.
like i mentioned im on faff-mode rather than work-mode today.
when i go home, there will be no husband today. or tomorrow. or the day after. or the day after. or the day after. or the day after..you get the drift?
ya so thats reason enough, dont you think?
im Pissed. Off.


akshay said...

i told you, just clone him off. send one to sunnysethefrica, giwe one to me, keep one. and one spare on top of the cupboard for emergency.

haathi said...

you clone him no for me?

and anyway thats only PART of my problem.

wat do i do about the brainless chics in gurgaon?

akshay said...

send them also one clone. should keep them occupied