Tuesday, April 14, 2009

happy hormones are back

so im back to the exercise routine. with renewed motivation, determination and gym membership. i realise that exercise makes every single day better. it keeps me happy, energetic and makes me hungry at all the right times.

its good to get back after a dry lazy spell, because everything feels so new again. i miss running though. running for my life and pushing my limits by a few extra minutes every day. but for now, pilates it is. and pilates it will be.

exercise most definitely infinitely increases the happy hormones in my system and keeps me going. its a good thing that i can go from being slightly wide to just wide-ish and from fat-ish to fit-ish. so if nothing else, i can safely say i exercise to stay happy.

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VC said...

no..u exercise to go from fat-ish to fit-ish...its all in ur head though..u know that no...besides exercising makes ur kakka come on time...hehhehehe

phoenikhs said...

Yet another freak! ;) Save me from them!