Monday, April 20, 2009

reviving an old love song..

..because i heard it on the way home, and suddenly realised i had it on my ipod all along!

in other news:
i thought my psycho days were long gone, but theyre not.

i thought i knew someone well, but it turns out i dont.

the man you marry is worlds apart from the man you used to date.
quite the same way, the husband he is around you, is worlds apart from the husband he is when hes not around you.

also, i had a fantastic day at work. and on days like this i wonder if really its too good to be true. but then i stop myself before i jinx it.

im getting closer to goa-going. and that thought makes me VERY happy.

go listen to summer madness. its a guaranteed trip.


haathi said...

iv tried 3 times with 3 different videos, to embed it it in my stupid blog. and all 3 times it says "embedding disabled by request". i think bon jovi is controlling how people use his videos.

damn you.

akshay said...

bon jovi rules! and rocks! and rules!


akshay said...

i just remembered, KOTTE ALERT!!!

haathi said...

hahahaha ya definitely a lot of that in this video.. btw does it male you laugh everytime you see kotak mahindra? It does that to me aaahahahahaha!!

akshay said...

no it doesnt.

but now it will. :D