Wednesday, April 15, 2009


im hopelessly addicted to tropicana's guava nectar. i dont know if its a new addition to their not-so-vast range of juices, but i hadnt ever noticed it before. and now, ever since i set my eyes on it, iv been bitten by the guava nectar bug. i cant seem to do without at least one pack a day, usually consumed post lunch. with an after-effect of massive satisfaction of the quenching-an-additcs-craving kind.

and i have no idea whether this is healthy or not, but today i was drawn to foodworld even before i entered office! and i had to beg the cleaning ladies to let me in 10 minutes before opening time, and make an exception just this once, so i could buy a pack.

ah well, ho humm sigh..lets hope the guava rush can give me extra energy to get through the day, because today promises to be long and weary.


akshay said...

thats basically concentrated sugar. not doing your hips any good.

all 'nectars' are just as good as frooti or appy.

i love appy.

haathi said...

OHO poda. thanks.

nakid sawmi said...

HI! this is better than drinking a cok aday so hawe it.
your truely

mamoid said...

REAL guava juice ra....thats what i drink!!