Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the weekend that was...

random snippets from the weekend..

so i travelled by bus to a forest reserve in the western ghats.
i stayed in a tent in the middle of the forest.
i couldnt zip the bottom up, so our tent was open to the wild.
i went to a temple.
i realised i still "feel" when i pray.
i got blessed by an elephant.
i climbed uo the kodachadri, which is effectively the highest point in karnataka.
i trekked into the forest to one of the most amazing waterfalls in the middle of the jungle.
it shined with rainbow colours.
i realised iv made some really good friends.
those i can depend on.
those i feel for, more than just the normal average "friendship".
i realised that fun lies in the way you look at things and the spirit with which you approach it.
climbing up the hill with aching legs was actually fun.
i gave the boy who sold buttermilk and lime juice, some money without drinking what he was selling.
i went to someshwar beach.
i realised swimming in shorts and a t-shirt is the pits.
i reaffirmed that im a beach baby at heart.
nothing will ever change that.
i helped build a sandcastle.
i saw the most breathtaking sunset.
the sun was fluorescent pink.
i sat in a mahindra 4 x 4 and had some of the most insane drives of my life.
i had dinner ON a beach.
ON the sand, a few feet away from the waves, under the light of nothing but the stars and the moon.
i gave dummy another lesson in recognising orion, taurus and sirius.
the half moon was really pretty.
i flew back with the entire team.
i stepped into a new me.
i feel renewed, refreshed, enriched.
i have SO many memories to carry back.
i realised i love the outdoors.
i realised i NEED to travel
a lot has changed. and yet, much remains the same.


BornCritic said...

Yeah dummy!! IT TOTALLY rocked. I particularly enjoyed the piggy back ride ya know..hee hee...

akshay said...

you're right. i don't fit in. not here atleast.

like a dog without a bone, an actor out on loan...

Manu said...

ushu this is your work gang? office must be fun ra.