Tuesday, February 06, 2007

back to reality

every holiday leaves me refreshed and ready to take on the world again. hah, look at me talk like i play superwoman for a living or something. nah, but you know..the routine, the grind, the mundane everyday rut..a break is always refreshing.

ironically, when i do take on the world again, and come back to the grind, it sometimes taks precisely 10 minutes to come crashing back to reality. like today. without exaggeration..TEN MINUTES. i kept telling myself, its all in the mind. but somehow it wasnt enough to pull through today. i cannot help but feel somethings missing. something is not quite right, something is bubbling under..and i dont quite know what it is..cannot quite put my finger on it. and thats making me far more uneasy.

things are weird. and im easily ruffled up. easily dramatic. so often it feels like my world is coming to an end. and most often, after a good cry and a big hug and some talking and some listening things come back to normal..well at least temporarily. the calm before and/or after the storm..whichever way i choose to look at it.

i decided i want to start taking pictures again. bombay was a good start.

there..i feel better already. deceptive as the feeling may be.


akshay said...

ya i like your eye. very nice wide eye.

Shutterfly said...

awww lookittheniyu :)