Monday, February 12, 2007

tere bina

dum dara dum dara mast mast
dara dum dara dum dara mast mast
dara dum dara dum dum
oh humdum bin tere kya jeena

tere bina beswaadi beswaadi ratiyan oh sajna
ho, rookhi re oh rookhi re
kaatoore kaate re, katenaa

na jaa; chaakri ke maare
na jaa; sawtan pukaare
saawan aayega to puchega; na jaa rey

pheeki pheeki beswaadi yeh ratiyan; kaatore kaate na kate na
ab tere bina sajna sajna; kaate kate na
tere bina chand ka sona khota re

peeli peeli dhool udaave jhoota re; tere bina sona peetal
tere sang keekar peepal; aaja kate na ye ratiyan
tere bina beswaadi beswaadi ratiyan oh sajna

newest obsession. on repeat. didnt realise how nice it was until much after i had watched the movie and some weeks had passed. and one dull and confused evening i wandered into planet m, and heard it play.

and it all made sense. go get it, if you havent already heard it. brilliant song. tere bina. a r rahman's tribute to nusrat fateh ali khan. funny how he went from a not-so-popular, weak "singer" to a rather full-feldged vocalist.

im loving it. whats the point of life at all, without you.


akshay said...

cos it feels so empty without me.

haathi said...

ya i should've known.. fully psssffftt deflated the tere bina high..
eminem aa? you're okay aa??
it reminds me of urban edge. and uttaras birthday and how you came late. and you were wearing a silver chain and you gave me gyaan about how only wannabes dance and how you look like a boeing 747 trying to dance when you dance..
and then when this song came you jumped up and watd to dance.
you're so crazy.

akshay said...

eh quiet ra. such details should not be brought in public. i have an image to protect.

niyu said...

BELT IT .send send.. good going rewann.. whst the picrure of you looking so bugged. where it is your sitting?

Quietly Amused said...

switched to the new blogger didnt you... this'll take a while to figure out and fix. will see what can be done to keep the OCD happy.

Manu said...

oho, new template. i like.

haathi said...

goof: its deadly da. from gugu. sexxxx song. fully into a r rahman now i am.

qa: tanks! the itch in my brain wont stop till then!!

choobz: tenks ra!