Tuesday, February 20, 2007


i took this picture at bruge, when i visited europe in 2004. it was one of the best trips in all my life. and visiting bruge was one of the most memorable parts of the entire holiday. bruge is by far one of the prettiest, most picturesque and most fairy tale like towns i have ever been to. and memories of walking through the cobbled streets are still etched in my mind.

tabish lived there when i visited in 2004. the reason i fished this image out is, i suddenly remembered tabish today. and when i remembered, i mean a strong intense feeling. we havent talked in months. i dont even know where he lives anymore. he often shuttled between bruge and some part of america.

i think i missed him today. i even called his cell phone. and it rang. and i hung up. i think and email is due. heres to going back on a nostalgic trip to a very very memorable time in my life. something made me want to turn back time. to remember tabish. to suddenly want to call him. to fish out all my pictures. to blog.


Manu said...

tuss. puinn. brugge. toinn.

haathi said...

how much you yap da bleddy loafaarr!