Saturday, February 03, 2007


im back in bombay. after 7 months or so. it actually feels good.

22 pandita ramabai rd. the building still stands tall. to me its been the same for as long as i can remember. walls get broken, new rooms get added, toilets get renovated, water tanks get added, the kitchen gets a makeover. but within the house nothing changes. the spirit is still the same.

always warm, always hospitable, always open, always accommodating. of the hundreds of people—relatives, visitors, friends, family and everyone else that comes and goes every year. and the spirit is still the same.

the babies have grown. one is all grown up, now the older sibling. he's developed a new love for football and its so fascinating to see how time has passed by. the other is just about talking. waddles around all day, being the centre of everyones attention. with his baby talk and incredibly cute cheeks and chocolate muffin belly.

its back to ammamas home. for me its always been that. my granny's home. bundled up in a million memories, associations, smells, images, feelings and sentiment, all wrapped together. of summer holidays, of growing up, of reading in the blistering afternoon, of sleeping on the floor in ammamas room, of eating home made yummy food, mango pickle, chicken curry, white bathroom, pink bathroom, yellow bathroom, guests, friends, shopping, music, still more music, lots more music..and here i am again. its good to be back.

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Prateek said...

I miss you already honey!!! hahahaha