Friday, September 29, 2006

stones and more

im developing a strong aversion to kids between the age of 15-20 of late. its almost enraging and intolerable. i hate kids who act like they've grown way beyond their years. like they're too smart for the world. like they know it all. like they've been there and done it all and need nothing from anyone.

walked into stones today, only to find my sister and a bunch of her stupid bimbo friends sitting coyly like some know-it-alls, ready to order beers i guess. yes, most places in bangalore dont check under age drinking. which is why kids like my sister and others often find themselves in the oh-so-cool smoky haunts of this stupid fuck all city, downing beers and getting fat. and of course ignoring what they really should be doing. and ignoring the fact that the rest of the world cares and wishes that they learn and do the right things with time..worrying that they find their way, and dont go astray.

i hate kids who think coloured kajal and marijuana makes one look and feel intellectual. i hate them and their hippie attire and shabby, dirty half folded-half torn clothes. i hate kids who are oblivious to what goes on outside their stupid cuccooned lives that consist of one precocious event after another. i hate kids who pretend that by reading neruda and dylan, and pretending to identify with jimi hendrix, they've attained some sort of salvation. which gives them the license to bust money and time and energy in night clubs and bars, all girls, alone in a pub, in one of the most dangerous cities in india. i hate kids. i hate being responsible. because they never learn.

but whatever. i hate kids. they're ungrateful. they're a waste of time. they're not trustworthy. they're wild. they're dangerous. and they hold you responsible in the end. thats the bit i hate. i hate being responsible for kids who think they know it all and dont need you around.

i had a good time though. little irresponsible sibling episodes apart. chilli chicken, beer, fried rice, peanuts and rock thats playing loud enough to kick in, and soft enough for you to hold a conversation and catch up. the ambience is mellow and not smoky and the place is pretty neat, so that was fun. its a great place to chill, wind down and git BZZZZZ'D and laugh uncontrollably. to stand up and shake your bum out of just have some fun because you deserve some fun.

but all thats gone now. i also hate men who lie. and i hate having to change weekend plans.


Ajeya said...

c'mon ya, we were like that once too. indestructible, know-it-all, joints, crazy parties... it's the arrogance of youth and it passes. but it's great while it lasts :) have a happy dassera!

Anonymous said...

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Dr. Pissed said...

"I found it, I found it
How happy must I be
How happy are the children who are found by thee.."

God damm, I hate not having my bookmarks around. I'll go read now..