Saturday, September 23, 2006


iv misplaced a really nice pair of jeans. my favourite pair. the kind that i live in. the kind i wear almost every other day. the kind that get soft and fit you like they're meant to. the kind that take your shape and know every fold and crease like it should be known. the kind that fade with use. the kind that you never want to throw away. the kind that i just really love.

and now i cant find them.

its like they just disappeared. out of the blue. into thin air. it just doesnt make sense..where could i have left them but on the back of my chair. they were there one day (or so i think) and now they're now. we've spent the past 2 days turning the house upside down finding them. no luck.

it makes me sad. those jeans were irreplaceable.


Ajeya said...

bummer. hope you find it though

haathi said...

no luck :( but i bought a new pair..along with a new pair of corduroys so :)

Noojes said...

Yikes...I do hope u find them but too many people I know are losing or misplacing things these days...

Wonder why