Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i cant sleep.. i thought i'd catch up.

the reason iv gotten irregular with blogging is, im barely online anymore. iv been consumed with life outside home. work and after-work. thats just 2 things. but it pretty much sums up every single day of the past many weeks of my life. its a vicious cycle. i work late, so i stay out late to catch up on the fun, so i get home later, sleep later, wake up later, go straight to work..all this with NO time for ANYthing else in between. its weirdly mad and weirdly enjoyable. because for once in my life im satisfied doing what i am, being who i am and loving every living minute of it..well almost.

i say almost because life's not all fair. it just isnt, so there are the moment you wish never happened. like the time i mistook the ad dimensions to be 12 x 25 instead of 12 x 20, and fucked up the art work deadline. or like the time i was stuck in cochin, way over the time i was hoping to be back in bangalore. or the time i had to get out of the car and mark the end of the loveliest weekend getaway in a long long time. and then some..

but the exciting bits that never got mentioned here include the bonus i got last month and bought my family gifts with..weekend trips to chennai and cochin!! and lots of highway driving. and lots of exciting work. i flew to cochin. i talked to a complete stranger. i loafed around cochin, ate some amazing food. and lots of other details that cannot be mentioned here..

so we hope life goes on this way. promise of joy joy and more joy.

on a different trip— acupuncture: its a jab well done!


Noojes said...

Aaah the joys of advertising - join the gang


Ajeya said...

great going! here's to more joy!!!

akshay said...

hapeee hapeee hapeee joieee joieee joieee!!!