Tuesday, September 26, 2006

look at this


it made me weep. no surprise. because a lot of things seem to have me in tears in absolutely no time, these days. but this was worth the tears. it kind of shook me up. just watched it, half asleep and bleary eyed..and now im just wide awake and thinking.

it made someone else cry. it inspired someone. it was honest.

but it just struck a chord somewhere with me. every now and then something like this comes along that makes me just sit up and think again.

if you're patient and you let the video load, its really worth it.


Ajeya said...

can't thank you enough for sharing it with us.

everyday, i am astounded by the power of the human (or would it be Divine?) spirit. something, i believe, all of us carry within.

thanks again. and it would reduce a lot of people to tears.

namrata said...

Really nice video. Loved it. Did make me weep too. Thankyou very much for sharing it.
Makes you feel 'alive' somehow..:)