Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hello goodbye

"roller coaster ride" would be an understated way of describing the past week.

sunday was part-wonderful part-miserable. monday was miserable. today was miserable except for work, which is SUCH A BLESSING! and then so many unexpected things happened.

jee's going to have a baby and i cried with joy, for her. i dont know why, but i did..i dont know if i miss that time in my life when we hung out at college all day/all the time..and that this was just a hard-hitting reminder of how much things have changed in such a short while. i mean 6 months ago we were all cramming to finish final exams. and everything now is so distinctly removed from where we were just 4 months ago.

i had dinner with akshay's family, to celebrate his birthday. it was highly entertaining. and i must say, it was a lot more fun that i imagined it would be. more importantly nobodys freaking out over anything.

i worked like a dog for 3 days straight. 12 hours plus pretty much every day of this week. and i enjoyed almost every moment. someone at work called me REVU! and it brought back memories from school.

i went to coco grove with james. its this new "beer cafe" on church street. which is basically slightly fancy furniture, delicately placed on the pavement, beneath a white canopy..and they serve beer and sizzlers and a long list of short eats, none of which met any sort of expectations. but i had a mojito which was brilliant and a few beers which made it even better. and we watched the world go by..and we laughed and we had a good time. at least i did. and it was good to be out having some fun. and i got pretty buzzed..which is ALWAYS fun.

went to college also. its so strange to go back. totally different feelings now that im an outsider. mixed up sentiments and a whole everything's-flooding-me sort of feeling. but i met maddy after what seemed like ages and it was so much fun sitting in what used to be the food court and chatting. its so nice to hear that things have changed and studying there is actually some fun.

i had the 2 most depressing days in a while..apart from everything stated above. and i think i managed to successfully hide it from everyone, except those directly involved / affected. but alls well, back on the road to happiness again. what with the strange things that have happened this week..

been hooked to this song for a large bit of this week..
you say yes
i say no
you say stop and i say go go go
oh no
you say goodbye and i say hello
hello hello i dont know why you say goodbye
i say hello
hello hello i dont know why you say goodbye
i say hello

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