Friday, April 08, 2011

another realisation

At the risk of sounding WAY older than I actually am, and realising that such realisations probably have me aging way faster than Id like to, Im voicing a thought I had yesterday:

What is it with young people today and their desperate need to fit in?
Whatever happened to being yourself? Having a spine and the balls to just be who you really are? Whatever happened to being alright when youre all by yourself. What happened to enjoying who you are and what you have?

When did it all give way to craving the attention of people who might not want to give it to you all the time?

It makes me cringe every time I see someone change to suit the fancy and moods and quirks of people around them. When adjustments get made just to be accepted, to be loved, to be okay in another persons eyes. When people lose themselves in trying to please others.

The weird part is I see more MEN doing this, than women, who are otherwise known to be resilient and ever-changing/adjusting to their surroundings and people in their environment.

Its official. Im old.

1 comment:

Karishma Sundaram said...

Not old, just wise. And incidentally, men are a 1000 times more insecure than women.