Saturday, April 09, 2011

aligned and in tune

After what feels like an eternity, I have a weekend all to myself. In town, no plans, no complications, no pending duties, no things left to be finished. I cant remember the last time VC and I have spent a whole day together, alone, just us, by ourselves. Complicated sentence that, but I cant begin to explain the enormity of how absurd that is because we live in the same home, go to the same office, and generally dont have widely varying schedules. Absurd no? That’s life these days, and that’s part of all the unsettledness Iv been talking about. Its been a weird few weeks. But the good thing is it seems like we’re getting back on track.

All the extra socializing has left us craving some alone time, empty time, meaningful time doing things we can do by ourselves. Time for me. For him. For us. So we spent yesterday evening, sitting quietly, reading, while I waltzed in and out of the kitchen checking on my cholle-wish-a-twist. The home put back in order, aromas of cholle wafting through the air, Damien rice playing softly, the warm yellow glow of the reading lamp, safe in each others company, out togetherness, suddenly it hit me. This is what makes our home, home. It’s the feeling of being okay to be by ourselves. No plans, yet perfectly comfortable. No conversation, yet completely in sync. At peace.

And that’s the feeling Iv been craving. Amidst the madding days and madding crowds, we’ve been trying to etch out time for ourselves, and failing miserably. Life gets crazy, it does for everyone. But we all need those few pockets of time, where we can slip back into normal mode, and be the people we are. At home, in tune and in sync.

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