Sunday, December 12, 2010

a weekend of firsts

its been a weekend of many firsts:
the first time (in weeks) that vc was home
the first time i devoured a goan fish thaali
the first time i allowed feni to overpower my love for g&ts
the first time i woke up at 5 45 am on a sunday morning, in goa
the first time i felt the need to wear a windcheater, in goa
the first time i watched a misty dawn turn into a moody mellow sunrise right before my eyes, in goa
the first time i enjoyed a goan breakfast in a roadside shack. fun! yummy!
the first weekend i spent as a working girl, in goa
the first time i cooked mondays lunch on sunday evening

we dont drive north very often because its always crowded. and since the season is well and truly here, even more so. we intended to have a quiet saturday night at home, in the company of mr feni and ms orange juice. but in the right company, it seems we can be convinced to do exactly what we had hitherto decided to avoid! i could blame that on the feni too.

so after a few drinks we ended up driving up north. we discovered that the key is to take the back route along the river and leave post 10 30. so at 11 pm, we walked into a steak house of sorts, enjoyed some live music that went on past midnight and then enjoyed a lovely drive back. at least i though it was a lovely drive back home. because i was driving. the two men i was driving home were 1) asleep, and 2) tense about how i was driving, respectively.

however, despite having slept at 1 30 last night, in a definite post-feni stupor, vc and i managed to wake up at 5 30 as promised and met up with some office folks and drove out to diwar island even before the sun was up. what followed was a few hours of gorgeousness, photography to capture it and many laughs :)

this was taken on the ferry towards diwar island:

for more, look here: Click!


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