Friday, December 03, 2010


its been a lazy, lethargic day from the word go. from the moment i woke up, i wanted to go back to bed. and everything i did, i did slowwwwly.

days like this are miserable, because its a challenge to get myself to do the everyday things i ought to do. because i feel like i should clear up, do the laundry and get cooking, but i just lie there and expect that they will get done on their own. fat hopes. so i skipped clearing up and the laundry too. as a result theres random stuff lying around, and i cant stand to look. the furniture is strewn in an unorderly manner and its killing the monica gellar in me. the laundry is piling high in the hamper and i cant bear to look. but i had to drag myself to cook me a decent lunch, lest i resort to apples again. funny thing is, once i was in the kitchen i had a blast and i made a totally awesome veggie pulao (if i may say so myself!). the best part being, i didnt follow a recipe. i used my instincts and culinary sensibilities, that i would like to think have been fine-tuned in recent weeks. i also photo documented it, and published it on the food blog. you know whats better? the pulao totally hit the spot as far as flavour and taste goes! something i have failed to do until today. so yay.

that was but a minor upper in the otherwise mostly lazy downer of a day. after lunch i napped. big mistake. because the only thing that ever does to me, is further slow down all movement, thinking and even the mere intention to do anything at all. the evening dragged along. and i have officially hit an all time high as far as the lethargy goes. because i bunked my workout today. the only parts of my body that got any exercise were..
my fingers, as they clicked refresh on fb and typed emails and blog drafts.
my upper back and neck, from all the stretching and contorting into various horizontal positions until i found one conducive to lying down and typing.
my eye lids, thanks to the excessive blinking from staring at the computer screen and drying out.
in fact i think the rest of me is slowly fusing into the mattress below me.

so yeah. this has not been an altogether good day. except for the bit where i cooked and took pictures of what i cooked. that part was pure and unadulterated joy. and im going to tell you about that in another post. but first, i have gotto get out of bed, shut down this damn laptop and get some fresh air.

*proceeds to peel and detach self from mattress*

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