Wednesday, December 08, 2010

slice of life

A day in what could very well become my everyday life.

Woke up at 6 45.
Ran through my chores that included a chain of nonstop running back and forth between, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.
Left for work at 8 15.
Got through yet another day of information overload, visual overload, wacky idea overload until my brains could take it no longer. Clearly, Im so out of touch with the world of advertising I left behind 3 years ago.
Left work at 6 30.
Tanked up the car, shopped for veggies, drove home.
Entered home at 7.
Started workout at 7 10.
Ended at 8.
Got dinner started at 8.
Showered while it stewed and simmered.
Continued to finish dinner off between 8 30 and 9.
Ate dinner while I watched yet another mindless and boring episode of bigg boss.
Cleared up the kitchen at 10.
Brainstormed with VC to try and "get the wack on".
Its 10 17. And. Im. POOPED.

Thoughts: How do "working women" do this? And my working life hasnt even fully begun yet.
If this is the life of a working woman. I think I was a working girl all these years. I have just stepped over and crossed worlds.

Oh, and did I mention, this is the day in what could very well be my life. IN GOA.
Oh, and also, I was previously self-employed. Free to use my time as I wished. And I gave that up.
For this.


Ranjan Atreya said...

Eh sorry ya, we'll get the whack on at the workplace only :)strictly

hAAthi said...

hehehe ehh dont be crazy!

Bhavna Shankar said...

busy busy full! Crazy schedule re :(