Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the truth

i miss work in bangalore. terribly.
and thats all i have to say for now.

so, it only when you think about a situation in retrospect and you have a comparison to match it against, do you realize just what you really had. and yes, im talking purely about the work situation.

i cant say it enough and feel it enough. i MISS my job at EY. TERRIBLY. with all my heart. i miss tindoo. i miss swati. i miss the dynamics and understanding we had. i missed how we stuck our necks out for each other. i miss how we had a silent rapport, where so much was understood without having to say it. i miss the kind of work i did. i miss how easy it was. i miss how much i enjoyed it and how i could exercise my will and be given credit for it. i missed how free i was. i missed how i was in charge. i missed how i had found that which gives me so much joy and satisfaction. i miss not having to fumble and figure out why im doing what i am doing. i miss having found that comfort zone. because right now im in so much discomfort its not funny.

today, i probably shouldnt be making a comparison. but i cant help myself. the stupidity that made itself visible to me induced the comparison.

after 5 pretty awesome days and 2 decent days, i had my first downright fuckall day. the easiest thing to do would be to blame it on the one thing that i think is responsible for making me feel this way. but a small part of me, and all the things iv learnt from my various professional experiences is telling me to calm down and introspect. so, introspect i will.

im frustrated and pissed off today. and its something i havent felt in a long time. not thanks to "work" at least. over and out.


Jeweliot said...


prateek james said...

hang in there yo

Karishma Sundaram said...

I'm guessing this is bigger than the appearance of the lizard. What happened?

hAAthi said...

@all: teething trouble. yes, time. yes, hanging in there.

@k: we shall meet and i shall elaborate. tomorrow evening?

Tweedle Dee said...

giving huggies and lowe!!

Pesto Sauce said...

Bad days do come and go....take it easy

hAAthi said...

tweedle: thanky!

pesto: il try :)