Monday, January 11, 2010


its 6:33 p.m. a whole 1 hour and 33 minutes past my supposed swipe-out time.
i have some crazy, scary, difficult to meet deadlines looming over my head.
i thought id stay on and work a little later than usual.
i always have music to keep me going. today its this clawing atif aslam song and i just cant get myself to stop listenign to it.
i used to like this song when i first heard it. but its also one of those ultra cheesy, whiney (like every other songs by the man!), lovey dovey song. and lets not forget the fact that its interspersed with cheesy english lyrics every now and then. WHY o WHY do lyricists do that?
isnt hindi a perfectly good language through which one can proclaim ones undying love for someone one cant have for cisrumstancial reasons?
why must cheesy b-grade english lyrics be used to pain a painfully loving scene?
but its clawingly sugary melancholicly sweet and is STUCK and i mean REALLY STUCK to me today. its been on repeat for a while, and i cant seem to get it to stop.
come and feeeeeeel me, ohhh feeeeeel me..


VC said...

hahahahahaha...feel me it seems..hahaha

haathi said...

come and feeeel me it seems..
come and heeeaalllll me also..