Monday, January 18, 2010


its been a tough few weeks. quitting a job that i love hasnt gone down easy. while i did with an outwardly calmness, i think deep down it makes me very sad. i have grown very attached to what i do. because for the first time in my life i have really loved every moment of it. by 'it' i mean what i DO. and let that not be mistaken with the place i work in, or the people i work with.

its a fine line to draw..between your work place, all its attributes, and the actual object of your time and energy. and to me the two are so inter-twined, and yet so detached.

to put it simply, i LOVE what i do, and i HATE the place and its people. so while half of me is so glad to be out of this dump, the other half is so sad to let go of the one year that has given me so much work-wise. its been so awesome that iv carved out an indispensable niche for myself. most of the time indispensable = important. but at gss, iv learnt that indispensable just means that youre needed for the services you render. and nothing else. beyond that you're insignificant. not important. and most of all, not cared for.

i always knew there was a downside to being emotionally attached to your work.

its a bittersweet symphony, this life.
ho hum sigh.


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G said...

bittersweet it is! it's time now for new journeys n adventures including work-experiences :) may you always be indispensable at workplaces from now on! cheers.