Wednesday, January 20, 2010

random letters (things i should say out loud, but dont)

jv: why must you be so loud? sometimes, it displays your lack of brains. perhaps you should consider speaking softly, so that your lack of brains becomes less apparent.


Queenmatrai said...


± said...

Ty this one also:

Please don't attempt anything. Each time you try to display presence of mind, it betrays an absence of thought.

± said...

Also :

Don't make profound statements. You'd be out of your depth in a parking lot puddle.

± said...

This is so good... jab bhi kisi ko bharpoor tareeke se , sache man se and poore gusse se zaleel karna ho... mujhe zaroor bataana :)

I will arm your arsenal with some really astringent stuff :)

akshay said...

I love insults.

You are depriving a village somewhere of their idiot.

haathi said...

queen: YIKES. is more like it. unfortunately my team is filled with many such specimen.

harjee: rofl. im scared to ask what youre so angry about..hehe..

a-jo: idiot doesnt begin to describe her. that said, id be glad if you could show her the way to the village, so we could all be spared.