Wednesday, January 20, 2010

half of my heart

currently, im only operating on half of my heart.

the other half wishes to break free.
tell everyone here what i truly feel about them, their processes, their work, and this whole shagadelic mess of a joint they're running here.
walk away, and never turn around.
and move on to sandy beaches and sunny pastures.

im so filled with anger and hatred for this place, it amazes me how soon one can have a change of heart, and actually how little it takes to make that happen.

this morning my fb status says: working for an ungrateful MNC is a bit like being a condom. you get used. and thrown.

people think im giving this too much thought and importance. but perhaps this is the best way to have it out. at least im less angry than i was on monday, and yesterday. il save the rest for my exit interview.


Queenmatrai said...

I know way too many people that are quitting at the moment.

Just Do It.

haathi said...

i have i have
im serving my notice. and next month i move to goa to begin afresh!

Queenmatrai said...

Nice :)

Go Goa!

± said...

Goa. Sigh.

I like your status, resonates. If I was on fb I'd steal it.

And QMT, you start by just doing it yourself.
Miami calling :)

haathi said...

+- (because i dont know how you got the symbol!): im a big fan of your blog btw. rediscovered it through QMTs blog yesterday, and i need to get you on my blog roll.

akshay said...

+ (underscored) = ±

yes, i agree. nice blogs.

± said...

You're being kind.
And I hate being modest.

*takes a bow*