Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Offlate, Iv been feeling excessively tired. Not physically, but overall. Mentally exhausted, physically lethargic, attention-wise too, its all been down. Sort of like I need my batteries to be recharged. Big time.

This hasnt happened to me in a long long time. The house is a mess. The piles of clothes lie around neglected. The sheets beg to be changed, but I dont make a move. The kitchen needs attention, but Im looking half-heartedly. My body has gotten flabby and slobbery, but I cant seem to get off my ass and do something about it. My sleep patterns are struggling to keep up, and Im not doing anything to make it better.

Its like the worst of times (physically), amidst the best of times (whats around me). There's so much happening sometimes I feel I cant match up. I miss the free times, yet Im loving the busy-ness. I want to sleep early, yet I cant get myself to finish fast.

As a result, I feel drained. Like an energizer bunny who finally gave up. Yes, it happens to the best of us.

So today, I decided to make a change. To bring in some positivity. And happiness, it turns out, is in leaving work 30 minutes early, stopping off at the local veggie store, stocking up on some not-always-on-your-list kind of vegetables, rushing home, putting on a big pot of sambar, and chilling out while the aroma surrounds you.

Ah, the simple joys. Thats all it takes. I dont need no fancy nothing. I just need my sambar. And my veggies. And the time to tidy up my home. And some alone time. And some good ol' writing my thoughts out.

But in the mean time, any suggestions on how I can chill this weekend, and catch up on some much needed rejuvenation?


☆ Crazy Diamond ☆ said...

hit the spaaaaa

hAAthi said...

i think a massage is required :P

Anita said...

Yummm. Sambar. My all-time fav food!

Make time for a half an hour run/walk in the morning. Big pick-me-up for the entire day

hAAthi said...

Anita: that has been the intention for soooo long now, somehow just not able to get myself out of bed in time :S