Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i hate..

that my blog has become a place to rant.
that i have no time for myself. even in my own home.
that iv gotten into a rut where my time is not respected, and hence not in my control.
that its tuesday and im sulking.
that it seems like its going to be one helluva long and fuckall week.
that i havent spent any quality time with vc in what seems like forever.
that its been close to a month of no me/us time.

do something. someone.


nil said...

advie (read: the only way to make things better)-- screw work for a godamn day and get your rears to the beach, you two lovebugs.

Im darn serious!

Anita said...

guess you are working after a much-loved break!

Take a day off and let it all sink in a bit.

hAAthi said...

nil: that would be ideal, but these are strangely busy times nil..so i think it will have to wait :(

anita: thats is sound advice, and i shall let it all sink in this weekend :P

Karishma Sundaram said...

Ouch! :-(

hAAthi said...

yep, tell me about it :P

Som said...

Eat 2 pills of "Fuckitall" every day ... one in the morning and one before going to bed ... that is what recommended by Dr. Champak Lal