Wednesday, March 16, 2011

in retrospect

I was just looking at my entries from March 2010. And i found the post from exactly one year ago.

Its amazing how my life has changed in leaps and bounds since then. In every possible way. Im settled. I feel at home. Im domesticated. Im employed. Im happy.

Theres an unfinished post in my drafts, something I wrote in January, as my customary looking-back-on-the-year-gone-by post. But in the thick of the newly employed life, I never got down to finishing it. When March came along, and VC and I completed a whole year since we moved to Goa, I revisited the post and turned it into a one-year-in-Goa post. Promptly, I abandoned it again. Looking back on this post form a year ago is making me want to revisit the unfinished draft yet again, and perhaps this time Il finish it.

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