Wednesday, October 07, 2009

when did it get this way?

the home is a bit of a circus.
i wake up and i drive to work. the challenging/entertaining/tiring/frustrating drive to work is like driving through a real-time circus.
and work, thats the biggest circus of them all. we have 'em all. the clowns, the animals, the tricks, the jokes, the nasty hierarchy, the psychedelic spandex costumes...the whole nine yards.

when did it get this way??
..while i wasn't looking.


Cherokee Tomahawk said...

It was always this way, while you joined they were playing haloween costumes or marking an employee retention campaign. Things back in shape now and now you know how the circus operates

VC said...

life is but a circus... dont ya love it

haathi said...

cherokee: bleargh. and the rest of the rant can continue on STC.

vc: no da i dont like the circus. its cruel to animals. animals like me.

akshay said...

ive seen haathis in circuses. or is that circii?