Friday, October 16, 2009

fine lines..

there's a fine line between love and hate. i VERY RARELY cross the line.
there's a fine line between trying and giving up. i teeter over a lot of the time.
there's a fine line between being true and faking it. i rarely cross it.
there's a fine line between needing and doing without. i cross over sometimes, in moments of weakness.
there's a fine line between being brave and being chicken shit. i tend to sit on the fence.
there's a fine line between being lonely and enjoying solitude. i choose carefully.
there's a fine line between liking and disliking. i am often torn.

but there's also a very fine line between understanding someone and not understanding someone. the line is so fine, sometimes its not even there. you think you fully understand someone, have a perfect match of wavelengths and frequencies, to the point of doing the same things at the same time, saying the same things out loud, listening to the same music even though you're in different places..and yet sometimes it just DOESNT make sense. and its hard to choose which side of the line you belong on.

its unfortunate. its petty. its best forgotten. and forgotten i have. maybe because thats just me. shit happens, but i rarely bear grudges. iv learnt that the world is filled with people who come in all kinds -- shapes, sizes, colors, personalities. and i try and accept people for what they are. yet, the shit happens. we move on. and in moving on, we hang on to the precious few who we know we can depend on. who we know we can still talk to without trying too hard to make sense. the ones we dont have to try too hard to be out of touch with. the ones who bring a smile to your face when you think back on past memories. the ones who will probably never fade away from your mind.

there's a fine line between forgetting and not forgetting. i have a REALLY good memory.


akshay said...

dont all elephants

Cherokee Tomahawk said...

I hear the petrol dude

haathi said...

hehe..thats not petrol dude, thats what you call closure :)