Tuesday, September 04, 2007

too much and too little

new job, new scene, new atmosphere
things dont gel immediately
sometimes they dont gel even 2 weeks later
sometimes you need to backtrack and redo things
new job, apprehensions, questions
money over work? work over money?
my cell phone is fucked
bangalore is a sleepy city
incompetent useless place this is
people are undependable
friends dont stay, friends disappear
boys suck. boys are uncaring, boys are not worth it, boys are so selfish
james is a lifesaver sometimes
beer buzz is a good feeling
im sleepy
photography is a new found interest
http://sxc.hu/gallery/revati_me is whats keeping me occupied these days
next week things may be all new again
and all i crave is some familiarity
nothing feels the same anymore
work, friends, people i know, family, passion, love, familiarity.. its all changed

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