Sunday, September 23, 2007

f 8, surprise party

new additions to the playlist on my phone:

i belong to you - lenny kravitz
take five - dave brubeck quartet
freedom - george michael
too funky - george michael
spinning the wheel - george michael
guitar man - bread
sail away with me - george michael
chan chan - ibrahim ferrer (buena vista social club)

killer stuff. aftereffects of last night. niyu turned 18 and james and i threw her what was meant tobe a kickass surprise party. it was a huge surprise, because she was thoroughly shocked. but it wasnt as kickass as id have liked it to be. people can be such ditchers! empty house, 50+ beers in a bucket full of ice, coke, sprite, biryani, kababs, fried rice and roomali roti rolls and 2 huge sinful chocolate cakes. and we entertained only about 12 people. what started as a list of 30 came down to 12. but id say i had fun. it was a joyand a complete blast putting it together. orchestrating the surprise. planning the food and drinks with james and pulling it off. i wouldnt have been able to do it alone. james was my faithful partner in crime all along. and i cannot tell you just how thankful i am for it. he's so organised and so calm and so proper about everything, it was just such a pleasure.

from making excel sheets with lists and buying the stuff and decorating the house and getting the surprise on the road, we did it all together. pictures will follow. (shilo, where art thou?!)

the music is part of the post party hangover / high..and im not down on one knee, but the music is really getting under my skin.

im super tired. its been a weird day. lying in bed hasnt felt this good in days..


Ploth said...

sail away is david gray....

biriya said...

oh man i SO wish i had been there!!!! put up some pics yo!

haathi said...

oy.. mistake became wrong. sail away IS david gray.

biriya you get your ass here fast and see pictures!!!!

Asavari said...

Why dont you have father figure?

niyu said...

best ever!!!! thank you and jamaze soooo so so much!!! killerr it was daa. even though it was just 12. :) :) .

haathi said...

killer it was.

because these are new additions. added yesterday.

father figure and too funky are already on my phone.