Friday, September 14, 2007


events in my life have a funny way of going through phases where evevrything is so extreme. one aspect is so great while another, hidden from most others, is so diametrically opposite from everything else.

all and nothing.
black and white.
yes and no.
accept and reject.
give and take.

and theres no in betweens.
i want a little bit of everything.
i want the greys.
i want the maybes.
i want the pleasantries.
i want to make peaceful choices.

theres all this surface edginess but inside im unperturbed. perhaps its a sign that there really is nothing to worry about, and things will fall into place.
im sending out some good juju much like maddy did a few weeks ago. theres just too much negativity doing the rounds.

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mamoid said...

damn u use juju!!shit i mean i thought only my mom used that but no it acutally means luck or something like that is oim not mistaken....ure like the 2nd person to be using that term the other being thhe cast of grey's anatomy!! me to relate thing to tv.....