Friday, September 21, 2007

the cloud of promise

i loved this. goosebumps and all.


Bubba Free Rain said...

AHA! the mystery is solved. you did mention our links on your blog and asavari zoomed in from there. thanks, shlabster. weird that both of you are 251 years old, some kind of strange resonance. your posts are rather tormented, Shlabster but not tormenting because they're fun to read even though you seem so depressed. BUT your earlobes face forward just like you do and that's very nice and cute. tremendous things are about to happen and you're going to explode out of your amnion through incomparable shuddering displays of light and golden lotus pathways to the luminous boreal expanses of northern canada. have not been able to access Clouds of Promise, will try again. bye for now shlabster.

Asavari said...

Heh. Funny and engaging writer that bubba.

Also. The video was nice. Gives hope to China dumping its evil image and adopting its spiritual self once again.

Plus this beats the cheesy jackie Chan one with yao Ming.

That ming is huge!